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The “PALgroups Podcast” is focused on college study review groups.  PAL is the name for the study review groups used at the University of Minnesota.  We drew upon best practices from international models such as Supplemental Instruction, Peer-led Team Learning, and the Emerging Scholars Program. I served on the team that created the PAL model at the Univ. of Minnesota. Before UMN, I served at the Center for SI at the Univ. of Missouri-KC. 
Some episodes share new things I am learning from around the world. Common names for peer learning groups are Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) and Peer Assisted Learning (PAL). Other podcast episodes feature student study group leaders and program coordinators describing session activities that worked well. Those interviews include what they are learning personally and professionally from their experience. Send an email to David Arendale,, if you or your students would like to be interviewed for the podcast.  I also maintain an annotated bibliography of publications about seven major peer learning models.  It now exceeds 1,600 publication.  Click this link to download the bibliography.  Training manuals and other PAL resources are available by clicking on this link for the website.


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Taking a Break for Two Weeks

Apr 30, 2021

Hello everyone,

I am taking a break for two weeks to deal with some other projects. Thanks for listening. - David

Apr 28, 2021

S04-E13 This episode introduces us to Sam who is a student study group leader. She is studying physics and astronomy. Her career aspiration is to become a physics professor and researcher. Her hobbies include running, basketball, poetry, and jamming to music. I was very interested in how she broke down the various...

Apr 26, 2021

S04-E12 This episode introduces us to Paige who is a student study group leader. Her major is marketing with a minor in graphic design. Her career aspiration is business/event design, marketing manager, or marketing analyst. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, and art. Paige is a study leader for an economics course....

Apr 21, 2021

S04-E11 This episode introduces us to Taylor who is a student study group leader. She is studying family and consumer science with an emphasis on dietetics. Taylor mentioned that the anatomy course she supported was challenging due to the complicated vocabulary. That course was actually the first one supported by...

Apr 19, 2021

S04-E10 This episode introduces us to Osee who is also a MavPASS student leader. He is an immigrant from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is a wonderful story of how he was identified by his teachers in middle school to help other students with their homework. His work as a MavPASS leader is a natural...