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The “PALgroups Podcast” is focused on college study review groups.  PAL is the name for the study review groups used at the University of Minnesota.  We drew upon best practices from international models such as Supplemental Instruction, Peer-led Team Learning, and the Emerging Scholars Program. I served on the team that created the PAL model at the Univ. of Minnesota. Before UMN, I served at the Center for SI at the Univ. of Missouri-KC. 
Some episodes share new things I am learning from around the world. Common names for peer learning groups are Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) and Peer Assisted Learning (PAL). Other podcast episodes feature student study group leaders and program coordinators describing session activities that worked well. Those interviews include what they are learning personally and professionally from their experience. Send an email to David Arendale,, if you or your students would like to be interviewed for the podcast.  I also maintain an annotated bibliography of publications about seven major peer learning models.  It now exceeds 1,600 publication.  Click this link to download the bibliography.  Training manuals and other PAL resources are available by clicking on this link for the website.


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Mar 21, 2021

S04-E03 David shares announcements about new podcasts related to this one and employing a family of synthetic voices to narrate summaries of some of the scholarship shared through the podcast as PDF documents.

Mar 18, 2021

S04-E02 Short overview of the updated and expanded annotated bibliography for the seven major peer learning programs. Our colleagues in the field have been productive in the past year with new research and publications to inform us of best practices for peer learning programs. I monitor seven major programs that have...

Dec 6, 2019

S03-E08 Strengthening Relationships. I share how college study groups can increase student "belonging:" in college to support their satisfaction and academic achievement.

This podcast is part of the LifePodcast Network which is a group of family-friendly podcasts bringing a positive message of hope and inspiration....

Nov 28, 2019

S03-E07 Students as Partners (SaP) is a new approach to peer learning by educators in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and a growing number in the U.S.  Bonus content for this podcast is an annotated bibliography of 134 publications (114 Australia; 4 New Zealand)

Sep 17, 2019

S03-E06 In this podcast episode, I share the change process that foster professional identity emergence among PAL facilitators. In addition to this audio episode, I also provide several PDF documents. One is a set of PP slides that I used with the talk. Another is a short annotated bibliography of publications that...